Cloud Block Storage from Pure

Run mission-critical enterprise apps seamlessly in the cloud using Pure Storage Cloud Block Store. Pure bridges the cloud divide with this industrial-strength block storage. Build your apps once – and run them anywhere.

Become More Agile with Hybrid Cloud

We see a future of hybrid applications that run seamlessly across clouds, leveraging the agility and innovation of multiple clouds, simultaneously. Pure’s data-centric approach and Cloud Block Store make this vision a reality. Check it out.

Build Your Hybrid Cloud with Cloud Block Store

Move data and applications more freely. Cloud Block Store delivers storage services, resiliency, and APIs consistent with Pure’s on-premises infrastructure, so you can seamlessly run your existing apps in the cloud. With Pure’s reliability built into storage, webscale developers are free to focus on application logic.

Makes Cloud Storage Better

Enjoy industry-leading efficiency, instant space-saving snapshots, and data-at-rest encryption. Cloud Block Store provides industrial-strength performance and reliability – with multi-availability zone High Availability (HA) and non-disruptive upgrades.

Delivers Hybrid Mobility and Protection

Enable data portability and application mobility across your hybrid cloud. With Cloud Block Store, you can leverage cloud for disaster recovery, effortlessly migrate across clouds, and drive hybrid test/dev across your environment.

Enables Consistent APIs Across Clouds

Cloud Block Store delivers consistent APIs – so you connect to storage and automate deployments in the cloud in the same way as you would on-premises. Develop your apps once and deploy seamlessly across your hybrid cloud.

More Cloud, Less Risk with Unified Hybrid Cloud

No single cloud fits every requirement. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, Unified Hybrid Cloud delivers enterprise-grade performance at cloud scale and savings — on a common subscription.

Maximize Flexibility

True Hybrid Cloud Unlocks Possibilities

Support powerful new use cases: develop, migrate, and run apps across your hybrid cloud, then leverage the cloud for disaster recovery, and get the highest level of HA for apps running in the cloud.

Cloud Block Store Enables True Hybrid Cloud and Unlocks Possibilities

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Replicate on-premises and hosted cloud data for recovery in your AWS public cloud. Then migrate back with bi-directional replication.

Migrate To/From Cloud

Use snapshots to migrate on-premises workloads to Cloud Block Store and make them available in native AWS or VMC.

High Availability in the Cloud

Deliver the highest level of HA for cloud-native apps: run ActiveCluster between two availability zones.

Test/Dev in the Cloud

Run test/dev in the cloud and deploy on-premises – the best of both worlds for your mission-critical apps.

Pure Software – Running in the Cloud

Cloud Block Store delivers high reliability, efficiency, and performance for your public cloud workloads.

High, Predictable Performance

Cloud Block Store delivers high and predictable performance by aggregating performance across many cloud stores.

Industrial-Strength Reliability

Get new levels of cloud reliability for your mission-critical apps – including non-disruptive upgrades, protection against failures, and HA across availability zones.

Pure-Grade Efficiency

Cloud Block Store is always thin provisioned, deduplicated, and compressed – efficiently delivering capacity and performance. Snapshots are instant and space-saving.

Data That’s Always-Encrypted

Just like your Pure on-premises data, Cloud Block Store features always-on data-at-rest encryption – and the encryption keys are automatically managed.

It’s from Pure – so It’s Effortless

The Cloud Block Store experience is seamless, thanks to plug-ins for AWS and VMware automation, and open full-stack orchestration via our infrastructure-as-code modules and integrations. With Pure1®, you can monitor operations and enjoy our industry-leading predictive support across your hybrid cloud.

Effortless Cloud Block Storage from Pure

Enable Container Storage Across Clouds

Pure Service Orchestrator now works with Cloud Block Store, extending the container storage-as-a-service experience beyond on-premises to public cloud. Now your developers are free to build and deploy persistent containerized applications anywhere.

Pure Service Orchestrator: Hybrid Cloud Container Storage