Pure1 Meta™ provides predictive analytics and support to deliver an effortless customer experience.

One Trillion Data Points Per Day

Pure1 Meta™ receives a rich set of telemetry data from the more than 10,000 Pure Storage arrays currently deployed. Sensors at multiple levels – from the array itself to external, connected devices – provide more than 1 trillion data points per day, which to date has created a data lake of more than 7+ PB.

Real-Time Analytics for Predictive Intelligence Real-Time Analytics for Predictive Intelligence

META Deploys Artificial Intelligence

Pure1 Meta™ includes machine learning artificial intelligence built on a massive collection of storage array performance data. Applying predictive analytics to the Pure1® data lake makes possible both a white glove customer support experience and breakthrough capabilities like accurate performance forecasting.

Generating Workload DNA

With visibility into the performance of more than 100,000 workloads, Pure1 Meta™ is able to generate “workload DNA” – workload profiles based on deep analytics of 1000s of performance characteristics. From this continuously-refined set of profiles, Meta is able to give customers critical information on the performance and capacity requirements of their own workloads, as well as recommendations on which of their workloads will perform well together on the same array. The result? Worry-free consolidation.

Workload Profiles Based on Deep analytics Workload Profiles Based on Deep analytics

Real-Time Scanning

Pure1 Meta™ continuously scans rich telemetry data to protect Pure Storage arrays from known vulnerabilities and to alert customers to potential issues beyond the array that may have an effect on performance. More than that, Meta learns – and becomes even more effective – over time.

Predictively Identifying Issues

Pure1® Support develops “issue fingerprints” – a set of data points that are uniquely a predictor of an issue – and Pure1 Meta™ then uses these fingerprints to continuously scan our global installed base of arrays. When Meta finds a match, the customer is notified, and Pure1® Support automatically opens a ticket and remediates the situation, even before an issue has occurred.

Cloud-Based AI Engine for Identifying Issues Cloud-Based AI Engine for Identifying Issues

Meta is Constantly Getting Smarter

The global predictive analytics intelligence of Pure1 Meta™ is always expanding and refining what it knows about array performance and health, moving toward a future of self-driving storage. For the customer, that means even less time spent thinking about storage and more time innovating for the business.

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