Here’s another revolutionary innovation from Pure Storage: DirectFlash™. Powering 100% NVMe software-defined flash within FlashArray//X, and NVMe over fabrics connectivity, DirectFlash delivers unprecedented storage consolidation.

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"The company was the first with NVMe-attached RAM in 2015, first with an NVMe all-flash array in 2017, first with an NVMe all-flash shelf in 2018, and, as of this week, the first with an NVMe-over-ethernet solution."

Steve McDowell, Senior Analyst
Moor Insights & Strategy


Up-level performance for SAN and DAS applications as you consolidate: address mission-critical AND new cloud-native applications with a DirectFlash™ Fabric-enabled FlashArray//X. You’ll be adding NVMe/RoCE speed to all the efficiency, availability, and rich data services that come with every //X.


We’re pushing beyond the inherent limitations of SSD-based AFA architecures – to a place of global flash management from DirectFlash-enabled software. In finally unlocking the true power of flash, you’ll get 50% better latency, 5x greater density, and 15-30% more usable capacity from the same flash media.

Problem: Growing Capacity, Declining Performance

The capacities of modern SSDs have been increasing at a dramatic rate; however, the per-drive performance of those SSDs has remained basically constant. The end result is a crisis of performance density where the IOPs/Gb of todays newest, biggest SSDs is approximately equivalent to that of disk. So much for all-flash performance and consolidation. And the problem is not just getting worse, it's accelerating.

High Density Storage Solves Performance Issues

SOLUTION: Remove ALL disk-era technologies

DirectFlash does away with all the performance-impacting disk-era interfaces and protocols associated with conventional SSDs that until now have presented a “black box” to all-flash arrays. No more Flash Translation Layer, no more SSD garbage collection or write caching – and no more disk-era serial bottleneck from SAS.

High Density Storage Replaces Disk-Era Technologies
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“Pure has allowed us to move forward faster.”
Peter Dunn, Director
Lamar Advertising
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“For the first time, we're excited about storage.”
Jason Strom, IT Manager
Factory Motor Parts
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“We needed a solution that could deliver consistent and reliable performance.”
David Clarke, VP of Technology

DirectFlash is Software-Defined

Purity DirectFlash Software provides global flash management directly via 100% NVMe/PCIe. Flash allocation and I/O scheduling, as well as NAND cell-level QoS, garbage collection, bad block management, and wear leveling – everything controlled by Purity DirectFlash, and nothing left to the chance behavior of conventional SSDs.

Purity DirectFlash Global Flash Management

You Get Better Performance

DirectFlash™ delivers microsecond latency – and that latency is far more predictable than with a conventional SSD. Your application performance is faster than ever and far more consistent, and you can consolidate more workloads. That’s because global I/O scheduling, flash translations layer, and garbage collection are precise and optimized, informed by full visibility of outstanding I/Os for each flash die, and communication with flash media is via 100% PCIe/NVMe.

DirectFlash is Simply More Efficient

DirectFlash enables Purity to access 100% of your flash capacity, eliminating the over-provisioning inside an SSD. Together with global flash allocation and garbage collection, and with virtually no write amplification, DirectFlash wastes nothing – so you get more usable capacity from the same raw flash.

Big capacity, full performance,
no trade-offs

The benefits of DirectFlash extend beyond performance and efficiency: higher throughput makes possible our high-capacity 18 TB flash modules. Imagine, the full power of a 100% NVMe array – in just 10 flash modules.

The Customer Experience Is Better Too

Ultimately, DirectFlash is about simpler hardware and fewer layers of software. There’s just less available to fail. And with virtually no write amplification, we minimize flash wear and extend the life of the raw flash. Our arrays already deliver proven 99.9999% availability, and DirectFlash makes them even more reliable.

Future Silicon Ready

DirectFlash is the future-proofing for advances in silicon. Through direct management of storage media, with all disk-era bottlenecks eliminated, DirectFlash exploits the full potential of flash – or whatever media comes next.