Oracle Storage For Your Data-Driven Business

Organizations large and small are discovering that data is the prime driver of revenue, one that’s now as valuable to their business as existing products and services. It’s time to capitalize on the value of that data – with Pure Storage all-flash solutions for Oracle.

Pure Storage Scored Highest in 3 of the 5 Use Cases

After analyzing 18 SSA product families, Gartner scored us highest for Online Transaction Processing, Server Virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, in its 2018 Critical Capabilities for Solid State Arrays report.

Realize the Potential of Oracle with Pure

Is the rising cost of gathering insight from data stifling your ability to invest in the future? Pure Storage delivers Oracle storage solutions that reduce the cost of Oracle operations while delivering the mission-critical uptime and application performance your business demands.


Simplify Operations

Spend less time tuning storage for Oracle. Pure solutions require zero tuning – and new installations can be up and running 50% faster than competing alternatives. Then consolidate all your Oracle workloads on an efficient all-flash NVMe architecture and run worry-free.

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Drive Down Costs

Resolve the conflict between rising costs and the need to invest in innovation by reducing your licensing burden and your capacity requirements. Pure delivers up to 5:1 data reduction for Oracle workloads – up to 2x better than competing platforms.


Forget Disruptions

Run Oracle worry-free – and keep your storage fresh and modern – with Pure’s Evergreen™ Storage. Get storage enhancements delivered without disruptions, downtime, or data migrations, and enjoy built-in business continuity via Purity ActiveCluster, for zero RPO and zero RTO.

Get Maximum Value from Your Data

Pure Storage Data-Centric Architecture for Oracle delivers everything you need to power your Oracle workloads – from transactional data to warehousing and analytics. Discover how Pure puts data at the center of everything you do with Oracle.

Optimized Solutions for Oracle Database

In a 2015 Gleanster survey, 88% of respondents cited that database is the most common challenge with application performance.  Pure solves the top challenges for Oracle DBAs and Storage admins,  delivering predictable transactional performance coupled with simple management, mission-critical uptime, and eye-opening cost reduction

FlashBlade Accelerates Image Delivery Without Delays

Modernize Your Data Warehouse

Drive 3X faster queries and lower total cost of ownership even as you unify your data to jumpstart modern analytics and AI initiatives.

Power Oracle Analytics

Pure Storage FlashBlade™ delivers better time-to-insight – and thus, competitive edge – by accelerating advanced predictive analytics across all of your structured and unstructured data. Build your Oracle analytics data hub today.

What Can We Do for Your Oracle Environment?

Hear from James Kelly, Sr. DBA and Storage Admin at Chapman University in Southern California, about how Pure transformed IT operations and enabled his team to deliver fast, responsive, always-on services to students and staff.  This episode includes a wealth of info direct from one of Pure's customers that will give you deep insight into what to expect if you’re considering investing in Pure all-flash storage solutions for your business.

Converged Infrastructure for Oracle

The Pure FlashStack™ solution is modern, pre-integrated infrastructure from Cisco and Pure Storage for faster deployment and better performance of Oracle solutions. FlashStack reduces IT overhead and helps you drive massive consolidation of Oracle workloads.

Get Control of Your Oracle Licensing – and Save

Running Oracle on FlashStack has never been easier. Lower Oracle licensing costs, stay in compliance, and dramatically simplify license management with LicenseFortress from VLSS.

Copy Automation Tool for Oracle Slashes Copy Times

Reduce Oracle copy time by up to 90% with the Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for Oracle from Pure and VLSS – it’s included at no additional charge with every FlashArray.

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“We have an overall data-reduction ratio of 5.2:1, even better than promised. Pure's deduplication functions are ideal for our Oracle database environment. Everything we have for Oracle is on Pure – and it is still only at one-third of capacity.”

James Kelly
Sr. DBA and Storage Admin, Chapman University
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“We put in the Pure Storage array and people thought we did something magical. Oracle queries were just instantly faster. The Pure Storage array gives us consistent performance and has shortened the reporting run time window by 50% so now reports are done before users come into the office.”

Paul Williamson
Sr. Systems Architect, Navitus Health
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“With the increased performance for Oracle, we were able to reduce the number of processor cores needed to support our applications. The city now needs licenses for only 16 cores, instead of more than 100, saving millions of dollars annually.”

Josh Bartosh
Systems Engineer, City of Garland, Texas

Robust Data Protection

Pure keeps the data in your Oracle databases safe with fast backup and restore and disaster recovery via Purity ActiveCluster – as well as a diverse portfolio of solutions partners that extend the native data protection capabilities of Pure arrays.

IntelliSnap technology and Pure FlashArray protect Oracle databases and deliver superior RPO and RTO.

Full life-cycle automation and orchestration to protect your Oracle environment.

Advanced copy data management technology for DevOps, backup and recovery, and cloud mobility.