Implementing Splunk at Enterprise Scale

Splunk storage solutions need speed, agility, and intelligence. And that’s just what Pure delivers – along with better than 2:1 data reduction across enterprise Splunk deployments.

The Challenge of Splunk

In many organizations, Splunk® has become mission-critical. But it’s still a very demanding workload. Pure Storage solutions dramatically improve Splunk Enterprise deployments by accelerating data ingest, indexing, search, and reporting capabilities – giving businesses the speed and intelligence to make faster, more informed decisions.

Maximize Splunk Performance

Thousands of organizations depend on insight from their Splunk-based machine data and transaction logs. And yet inadequate, under-sized, or non-performant hardware presents a significant risk to any enterprise-grade deployment of Splunk. Find out how to maximize performance and efficiency in your Splunk environment using modern all-flash infrastructure.

Splunk is integral to Pure’s own data pipeline

Splunk has helped Pure develop a fast, secure, and scalable internal data pipeline – one that delivers real-time, actionable insight into the massive amounts of data generated by our most critical business applications.

FlashStack for Splunk

The Pure FlashStack™ solution enables flexible growth, streamlined operations, and a transformation of both IT and end-user productivity.


Leave data silos behind. Data hub is a single, unified platform that enables you to consolidate your data and accelerate your data-intensive apps with all-flash power.

Pure Storage Integrates with Splunk

The Pure Splunk App provides a turnkey monitoring solution for your FlashArray fleet. Dashboards allow you to start with a fleet overview and drill down to individual volumes for visibility into health, capacity, and performance.

Gartner names Pure Storage a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid-State Arrays 5 Years in a Row

Get the analysis you need to choose the best Solid-State Arrays for your business.

By downloading the report, we believe you'll gain insights into:

  • The flash storage futures market overview
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