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Pure Optimises Everything

Effortless acceleration and consolidation for all your workloads, comprehensive data protection, and true hybrid cloud operations. That's Pure.

Optimise Everything Production

Bring the next-gen power of shared accelerated storage to your data with a data-centric architecture.

Empower Your Developers

Developer productivity determines the pace of innovation – and thus the growth of your enterprise.

Deliver Next-Gen Analytics

Power your analytics and AI initiatives with a modern, data-centric architecture for storage.

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Get an Edge: Join us for Pure//Accelerate

Event • September 2019

Ready for Your Unfair Advantage?

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

A Guide for Developing Winning Hybrid Cloud Strategies

White Paper • 22 min read

See Why Pure Storage Received Three Gartner Distinctions in 2018 for SSA

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Pure Works for Everyone

See how Pure can work for you.

Managed Service Provider
Financial Services

Across Industries, Pure Leads the Way

We want to do more than lead the all-flash revolution. Our goal is to help our customers embrace new opportunities – with better experiences, new business models, and faster innovation.

Healthcare Solutions Powered By Pure

Today, data is critical to delivering higher quality, integrated care. A data-centric architecture is the key that enables organisations like yours to achieve efficiencies of care delivery, lower costs, and ending data silos and migrations.

Education Solutions Drive Student Success

Legacy IT can be a bottleneck for educational institutions, draining scarce time and resources. There’s a better way: power all your workloads with the simplicity and efficiency of an all-flash data-centric architecture.

Transformational Government Solutions

In today’s world, data is very much a strategic asset for businesses and governments alike. To succeed and modernise, your organisation needs data-centric strategies. It’s time to re-think IT infrastructure from the bottom up.

Saas Solutions Powered By Pure

High-performing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers require storage that can not only keep up, but drive business expansion and reduce churn. That’s where we come in.

MSP Solutions To Accelerate Your Cloud Services

As a service provider, you require storage that can drive differentiation in hosted and managed services, increase agility, and enhance the customer experience. We can help.

Financial Services, Accelerated

Data is your most valuable resource. Getting maximum value from data to better serve customers demands an architecture that makes innovation possible.

Supercharge Your Data

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